Beneficial Electrification League of Colorado

Our mission is to convene, educate and engage experts and stakeholders to exchange ideas and advance solutions around beneficial electrification in Colorado.

BEL-CO convenes interested parties, from individuals to institutions with the objective of advancing Beneficial Electrification (BE) development and implementation in Colorado. We will achieve this by facilitating an open forum for knowledge sharing, relationship building and fact-based education of members and decision makers through conferences, educational materials and outreach, and empowering practitioners with deployable solutions.

Beneficial Electrification is the application of electricity to end-uses, where doing so satisfies at least one of the following conditions, without adversely affecting the others:

  • save consumers money over time
  • benefit the environment and reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • improve product quality or consumer quality of life
  • foster a more robust and resilient grid

Save Consumers Money Over Time

Decreasing Coloradan’s energy costs through efficient electric applications that would otherwise consume fossil fuels

Benefit the Environment and Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The electric grids emissions are decreasing with the development of more renewables such as wind and solar. By continuously applying greater amounts of renewable electricity to end-use devices, overall GHG emissions will continue to decrease over time.

Improve Product Quality or Consumer Quality of Life

Increasing comfort, reliability and convenience of end-use technologies

Foster Grid Resiliency

Foster a more robust and resilient grid with new and developing technology

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